Monday, June 9, 2008

Exemplification Paper Criteria

1. Does the writer narrow his/her topic to a single, specific and clear focus?

2. Does the writer provide an in-depth look at his/her topic?

3. Does the writer incorporate sources that are credible, timely, and relevant?

4. Does the writer define terms for the lay person audience?

5. Does the writer properly cite sources?

6. Does the writer rely too heavily on any one source?

7. Does the writer paraphrase in a clear and accurate way?

8. Does the introduction hook the reader?

9. Does the essay have a logical organization?

10. Does the writer vary sentence length/structure?

11. Is the text free from distracting surface errors?

12. Is the text readable prose?

13. Does the conclusion trail off or end abruptly?

14. Does the writer maintain a consistent tone?

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