Friday, May 23, 2008

Personal Narrative

The following questions will serve as criteria for your personal narrative essay. You will choose the topic of your paper from one of four in-class prompts, based on the assigned reading. Essays should be 5–7 doubled-spaced, typed pages.

· Does the writer narrate a single event, or a series of events? How does the writer handle the use of anecdote?

· Does the writer use concrete, specific details and description?

· Does the writer make a point?

· Does the writer reflect (i.e. is the question, “so what?” answered)?

· Do all of the examples (details, images, word choice) point to the essay’s primary focus?

· Does the introduction hook the reader?

· Does the conclusion end abruptly or trail off?

· Does the essay have a logical organization?

· Are the transitions from paragraph to paragraph clear?

· Does the writer maintain a consistent tone?

· Is the level of diction appropriate for the audience, the ethos, and the essay’s point?

· Is the prose readable?

· Does the writer use correct grammar/mechanics?

· Does the writer vary sentence length and structure?

· Is the text free from distracting surface errors?

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